2020 Random Evolved Publishing Book Collection

2020 Random Evolved Publishing Book Collection

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2020 is our first-year publishing books and we wanted to do something special not just for our authors but the people who believed in us as a company. This is your opportunity to get all 5 of our print releases in a special set. The 2020 Collection brings to your door books that you will have a problem putting down. This collection means the world to me. It was the first time we were able to help bring dreams to reality, and while hiccups were had, I would not trade getting to do this at all.

The Collection includes:

Invincible Heart by Bryan Tann and Kindra Sowder

After Mila Hunter’s daring escape from The Harvested facility, President Emerson King needs a solution to a super-powered problem and her rebel allies.In an act of desperation, King decides to enact the Invincible Heart program.John Baker was created to capture or kill Mila Hunter at all costs. Unfortunately for Emerson King, John’s HEART has other plans.

Keys of Childish Scrawl by Cindy Johnson

"Some Secrets Should Remain . . . Even If They Don't Always Rest In Peace."When a young widow, Addy Eubanks moves into her recently deceased grandmother's estate, she is eager to start a new life with her daughter, Bree. However, after being menaced by a mysterious figure that seems to be haunting her every thought, Addy seeks the help of a paranormal investigative team consisting of Brandon Jones and Sagi McCormick. Together they unearth horrific family secrets that were meant to stay buried forever.

The Enforcer by Bryan Tann

A mysterious group has begun to threaten not only the domain, but the life of Mistress Enya Blake, the supreme ruler of the city of Pittsburgh.

With her defenders overwhelmed, and her options dwindled to nonexistent, Mistress Blake has no choice but to take desperate measures. She’s being attacked from the shadows.

To protect herself and her city, she must enlist the monster that the shadows fear.

The city of Pittsburgh will never be the same.

Next in Line by Donna Marie West

Alison Mitchell is a young American woman trying desperately to get her life back on track after the devastating death of her mother less than two years ago. She thinks she just might be taking her first steps in the right direction, when she meets Joseph de Lorraine.

Joseph is the classic mysterious stranger with what might prove to be the most explosive secret in the world: he claims to be the legitimate heir to the sacred bloodline of Jesus Christ and his family has evidence to prove it!

Joseph has come to the U.S. from France to study at Yale University, but when circumstances conspire against him, his path crosses Alison’s in the most unexpected way, resulting in near disaster for both of them. As Alison and Joseph grow closer and learn to trust each other, they realize that the choices they make will affect not only their own lives and families, but possibly the future of the entire world.

A Bloody Heritage: The Miss Hyde Collection 1.

Blythe McAlister is an art consultant, ambitious, rich, and successful. She can close a sale in a New York minute, set up a showing of an obscure artist's life works in her spare time and she always dresses to impress.

That's her by day, like most twenty-somethings, she goes out and enjoys the night life and New York City has so much to offer her; booze, dancing, and a close friend. She can attract any man and never goes home alone, but unlike other girls her age, Blythe has a secret. One you would have never guessed.

Remember the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Well, they only got the story half right.

All 5 titles for $60! This is something you do not want to miss out on. But this will only be around for a short time. So, order now before you miss out.

The collection will begin shipping in mid-January.