Next In Line by Donna Marie West
Next In Line by Donna Marie West

Next In Line by Donna Marie West

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Alison Mitchell is a young American woman trying desperately to get her life back on track after the devastating death of her mother less than two years ago. She thinks she just might be taking her first steps in the right direction, when she meets Joseph de Lorraine.

Joseph is the classic mysterious stranger with what might prove to be the most explosive secret in the world: he claims to be the legitimate heir to the sacred bloodline of Jesus Christ and his family has evidence to prove it!

Joseph has come to the U.S. from France to study at Yale University, but when circumstances conspire against him, his path crosses Alison’s in the most unexpected way, resulting in near disaster for both of them. As Alison and Joseph grow closer and learn to trust each other, they realize that the choices they make will affect not only their own lives and families, but possibly the future of the entire world.