The Book of Roland by James Master

The Book of Roland by James Master

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Roland never wanted to be in the family business. He went so far as to defy his father by becoming a teacher. In doing so, he became the black sheep of the family and was cast out. Hated by his father, he found love and married Deanna. The happiness doesn’t last long when she falls ill and dies.

Ashley just wants out of Walkerton, a small town in northern Indiana. Almost out of high school, she just has to survive a few more months under her mother’s rule of law and then she plans to put Walkerton in the rear-view mirror forever.

Under normal circumstances, Roland and Ashley’s paths would never intersect. When a deadly disease spreads through the State of Indiana like wildfire turning Hoosiers into gluttonous undead monsters, Indiana is placed in a quarantine.

Roland thought he’d heard the last from Eddie, his brother when the two came to blows after Deanna’s funeral. The morning before everything falls apart, Roland gets a call from Eddie pleading for him to reunite. Roland promises to go to his brother.

The only thing stopping him is an army of flesh eating undead. Luckily, his father prepared his boys with weapons training. Armed with his father’s revolver, the teacher sets off south toward Indianapolis where his brother is located. Unfortunately, it’s also where the most of the undead are located.

Along the way, Roland saves Ashley a fate worse than death. Together, they manage to survive the monsters in Walkerton and continue their trek south.

Zombies aren’t the only obstacles in the pair’s journey. Starke does what his demonic master tells him to do. Bound to do as he’s told, Starke leads Roland and Ashley to the capital. Once Roland figures out what Starke has done, he will stop at nothing at exacting his revenge. It seems that, sometimes, humans are the actual monsters.

Our main characters aren’t without allies, however. Just when things get dire, they are rescued by a gunslinging, katana wielding, pop-culture referencing monk that goes by the name of Timothy. The monk informs them about the sinister origins of the undead.

Together, the group plunges into the heart of the epidemic and attempt to foil the plans of a demonic threat to their reality.

The Book of Roland will release on July 13th.